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Mission Blue

What is a Hope Spot?

The Hope Spots are special places that are scientifically identified as critical to the health of the ocean. These hope points are determined by the Mission Blue organization and are championed by local conservationists.

Mission Blue founder Dr. Sylvia Earle, who is also an official National Geographic explorer, oceanographer, researcher and teacher, was the promoter of Hope Spots' global network of marine hope areas.

In 2018, OCC was extremely happy and proud to announce that the Uruguay Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary was named as a "Hope Spot": a site of hope for the oceans.


Dr. Sylvia Earle sent this message:

"The Uruguay Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary is a wonderful example of people coming together and recognizing what needs to be done to protect the ocean. We have the framework to improve the conservation status of the Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary, and it's time to officially protect the fragile life that inhabits it"

Mission Blue recognized Sanctuary's work in its effort to allow populations of endangered and vulnerable cetacean species to recover.


On its website, Mission Blue states that:


The establishment of the Sanctuary has been a step in the right direction to protect these animals, but without official policies in place, cetaceans in these waters are still suffering from ship strikes and negative effects from seismic testing and oil drilling. This ocean noise produces sound waves that interrupt cetaceans' communication and confuse their ability to communicate and find mates. Fortunately, there are already several established marine protected areas surrounding the coasts of Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, and stakeholders have hope that official expansion and strengthening of to the Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary is on the horizon"

Last year, OCC's campaign, Oceanosanos, organized the First Conference on Oceans in Uruguay, bringing together both stakeholders and political authorities, scientists and activists in a single historical event. On the occasion of this event, Dr Sylvia Earle greeted and acknowledged our organization, and urged everyone to work for change. "Our actions do matter. What we give to the oceans, the oceans return to us. We all have the power to take action while there is still time to do so. That is our hope."

Read more of what Mission Blue says about our Sanctuary:

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