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strategic searching sites

The ROUTE OF THE SOUTHERN RIGHT WHALE, proposed by the OCC since 2002, is a tourist product in itself, developed as an interpretive coastal circuit through strategic sites (lighthouses, sighting platforms and natural elevations), for the searching and sighting of the southern right whale in Maldonado and Rocha.

Tourism associates who wish to integrate this product must meet specific requirements and good practices. The Good Environmental Practices incorporated by tourist companies and visitors improve the quality of life of hosts and provide the visitor with a high-quality experience while still preserving the natural quality on which tourist activity (species and ecosystems) depends. 


Sighting recommendations:

- Hire local whaling guides (trained and qualified by OCC): they will provide suitable, updated and reliable information.

- Wear suitable coats: resistant jackets, gloves, hats.

- Binoculars (10x50; 8x40) and ideally a camera (zoom up to 400mm with tripod; 24x recommended).

- During the morning or sunset and less windy days to identify: eddies or movements of water, seabirds and the classic snort (steam)

- And above all, have a lot of patience! Whales are usually up to 15 minutes underwater and sometimes when they rest or sleep they resemble a huge stone or are simply not seen... Bring water and something to eat and drink (the hotter, the better).


Oregon University

University of Oregon's Study Abroad began a new program in the summer of 2013. Eight students travelled to Uruguay to study the environment and the culture of this often overlooked country. In the process of doing this, these students discovered and documented the Route of the Whale, this protected migration route established by OCC.

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